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“Grand Hotel”

Festival Theatre, Niagara-on-the-Lake • 2018-09-08 • 14:00


A solid production, intent on highlighting the characters’ journeys, but low on energy at times. Interesting set that does away with the revolving door, nice costumes, but it’s the the lights that create most of the theatrical magic.

Very good principal cast: Michael Therriault was about as moving as Michael Jeter as Otto and James Daly’s Baron was believable when he fell head over heels in love. Vanessa Sears gave Flaemmchen some depth, while Deborah Hay was heart-rending when delivering Elizaveta’s wisdom in an almost child-like voice.

The rest of the company was equally good. For some reason, one of the Jimmys was played by a woman.

“We’ll Take a Glass Together” managed to create a thrill comparable to that of the original staging though it took a partially different approach.


“Bring It On”

Southwark Playhouse, London • 2018-09-01 • 15:00


This pleasant production redeemed the show a little bit for me even though, like “Mean Girls,” it belongs to a subgenre I don’t “get.” Some good performances, especially from Isabella Pappas, who seemed to be channeling Stockard Channing at times.