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Play - Café noir (aka

Play - Café noir (aka Black
, Comédie des Champs-Élysées, Paris, 9pm) A fine adaptation of
Agatha Christie's play, with an especially enjoyable performance by Raymond
Aquaviva as Hercule Poirot.

Play - The Diary of

Play - The Diary of Adam and Eve (Théâtre
des Déchargeurs, Paris, 7:30pm) There seem to be several theatrical adaptations
of Mark Twain's story available out there. This one (performed in English) felt
more like a long recitation, as it consisted of long excerpts recited
alternately by Adam and by Eve. A more dynamic version with shorter excerpts and
more interaction would probably have been better advised. Beside, the several
Gershwin songs intertwined in the performance were completely out of place.
Twain's wit was still enjoyable, though.

Movie on DVD - The

Movie on DVD - The Last of Sheila Clever
script. Not earth-shattering, but well done. There is one "goof" that bugged me,
though, and which spoiled the surprise a little bit. Somehow, I was expecting
something a lot more "cerebral" coming from Stephen Sondheim and Anthony
Perkins, but it's a rather basic "Agatha Christie-type" plot.

Musical - Snoopy! The Musical

Musical - Snoopy! The Musical (New Players
Theatre, London, 7:30pm - preview)

A charming little show, maybe not as thoroughly deligthful as
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, but well served by a strong and
energetic cast.

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

Apollo Theatre, Londres • 17.7.04 à 17h
Edward Albee (2002)

As powerful a play as when I saw it on Broadway, except that the focus has somehow shifted from Mercedes Ruehl (Broadway) to Jonathan Pryce (London).

Play - Un Air de

Play - Un Air de famille (Théâtre de
Nesle, Paris, 7:30pm) A great comedy by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri,
almost a classic now, played by a great cast, even if some of them were quite
clearly channelling some of the original performers.

Musical - La Guinguette a

Musical - La Guinguette a rouvert ses
(Théâtre 14, Paris, 8:30pm) The show almost lived up to the high
expectations raised by the showcase I attended at the end of 2002. Of particular
interest were the charming original songs.

Movie - De-Lovely (Loews Lincoln

Movie - De-Lovely (Loews Lincoln Square
12, New York, 10:10pm) A hugely misguided movie that feels wrong from beginning
to end. The framing device is uninspired, and the opportunity to explore Linda
and Cole Porter's relationship is utterly lost.

“Spider-Man 2”

…, New York • 4.7.04 à 17h45

A very good sequel, probably better than the first instalment. The focus on the humanity of Peter Parker and the large doses of second- and third-degree humour make a welcome change from Hollywood's usual blockbuster recipe. At least four Broadway names: Alfred Molina, Donna Murphy, Greg Edelman and of course the exquisite Rosemary Harris.