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“Dialogues des Carmélites”

Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Liège • 28.3.04 à 15h
Poulenc (1957)

The first act was breathtakingly good thanks to Jean-Pierre Haeck's inspired handling of Poulenc's music and the very dramatic staging by Jean-Claude Auvray. The second act was somewhat sloppier, with an ending that was nowhere as strong as it could have been.

One (Wo)Man Show - Charlène

One (Wo)Man Show - Charlène Duval (La
Comédia, Paris, 8:30pm)

Charlène Duval is Marlène Dietrich, Line Renaud, Josephine
Baker and Carmen Miranda combined. Only her can sing about vegetables in five
languages with the same passion she would sing about life and death. An
indispensible fixture of the Parisian nightlife.


Barbican Hall, Londres • 21.3.04 à 15h30
Concertgebouw Orchestra, Bernard Haitink. András Schiff, piano.

Mozart : Concerto pour piano n°20
Bruckner : Symphonie n°9

Ce concert fait partie d'une série célébrant les 75 ans du maestro. Après un remarquable concerto pour piano, Haitink et le Concertgebouw ont donné une inoubliable neuvième de Bruckner, marquée du sceau du génie.

Musical in Concert - "Soirée

Musical in Concert - "Soirée Playbill:"
(Sudden Théâtre, Paris, 9pm)

The concept of this evening was to present Follies
with a cast of five and a piano, plus a narrator providing the continuity
between songs. It turned out to be a very short version, with less than half the
songs surviving the treatment, and an overlong narration that only emphasised
the intricacies of the plot instead of helping the audience along. The cast and
pianist were sadly underrehearsed. Barbara Scaff as Sally managed to give a
pretty good performance, though.

“Le Paris d'Aziz et Mamadou”

Amphithéâtre Bastille, Paris • 5.3.04 à 20h

Alain Marcel has created a musical that is a lesson in the craft of writing musicals: delightful music, irreproachable lyrics, all served by a cast made in Heaven. The two young actors who play Aziz and Mamadou are amazingly at ease among such seasoned professionals. One wish such a delightful work were not confined to a few subsidised performances in a opera house. It is leagues above the boring commercial ventures that have posed as musicals lately.

Concert - Ensemble Orchestral de

Concert - Ensemble Orchestral de Paris
(Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris, 8pm)

Highlights: Takemitsu’s Towards the Sea and Mozart’s
40th Symphony (forgetting the usual problems with the horns).